MrEclipse Copyright Page

All images, diagrams, illustrations and text appearing on are copyright by Fred Espenak, unless otherwise noted. None of this material is in the public domain. The unauthorized use this material is prohibited without written permission. All rights reserved. Please note that all images have been digitally watermarked.

Individual images may be licensed for commercial, editorial, or educational use. The licensee (i.e., the person or organization wishing to use the image) must provide a written agreement describing how and under what circumstances the image may be used. License fees for traditional media depend on the type of reproduction rights (e.g., Exclusive Rights, First Rights, One Time Rights) and the usage of the photo, including the size the image will be reproduced at (1/4, 1/2, full page, etc.), the type of publication, number of copies printed, distribution, language rights, number of editions, etc..

License fees for use on commercial web pages are based on the placement of the photos, whether they are used on the main or secondary pages, size used, length of time used, and the expected number of hits on the page. Image use on the Web must include the embedded copyright caption, the images may not be edited or modified except for re-sizing, and they must include a link to

For complete details see the Image Licensing Page.