Dark Skies and Bright Ideas

An Educator's Guide to Navigating the Universe

by Teri Bellows and Patricia Totten

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An excerpt from Dark Skies and Bright Ideas)


Earth to Moon 1.25 light seconds
Earth to Sun = 8 light minutes
Earth to Pluto = 5 light hours and 20 light minutes
Earth to mid-Oort Cloud = 1 light year
Earth to Proxima Centauri = 4.3 light years (1 parsec)
Earth to Altair = 16 light years
Earth to Deneb = 3,200 light years

1 million seconds = 11 days
1 billion seconds = 32 years
1 trillion seconds = 30,000 years

This curriculum has been successfully field-tested on Earth. Please expect minor adjustments for equivalent results on other planets.

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