Composite Photograph of the
Total Solar Eclipse of 1999

Composite Solar Corona

The Solar Corona of 1999 Aug 11
This photo is a composite from 22 separate negatives.
They have been processed and combined in Adobe Photoshop
to closely resemble the naked eye appearance of the solar corona.
This image was featured in Sky & Telescope's Gallery section (December 1999, p.144).

Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 Aug 11 (Lake Hazar, Turkey)
Photo (c)1999 by Fred Espenak

The Sun's atmosphere exhibits a huge range in brightness that cannot be captured in any single photograph. Short exposures highlight the bright inner corona and rose-colored chromosphere and prominences but fail to record the outer corona. Long exposures wash out the inner corona but reveal faint details far above the limb in equatorial streamers and polar brushes. To render the corona approximately as it appears to the human eye, images made with different exposure times must be combined into a single composite view.

Eclipse chaser Fred Espenak made this digital composite image of the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, using 22 separate exposures. Observing from Lake Hazar, Turkey, Espenak used a Vixen 90 mm Fluorite refractor (fl = 810 mm, f/9) to photograph the corona. His paired exposures ranged from 1/250 to 4 seconds on Kodak Royal Gold 100.

After scanning the original negatives to produce high-resolution digital images, Espenak processed the images using a Macintosh iMac computer and Adobe Photoshop software. He averaged each pair of exposures to help minimize grain structure in the images. This left him with 11 digital images, each shot at a different exposure. He duplicated each image and applied a radial blur filter to the copy. Next he subtracted each filtered image from its original, unfiltered one. This produced 11 low-contrast "subtraction images" revealing fine details in the corona. Each original image was then multiplied by its corresponding subtraction image to emphasize the coronal detail more strikingly.

Espenak then added all images together one by one into a single composite image that reveals a wealth of structure over a wide range of brightness, from the Sun's limb out to several solar radii. Finally, he adjusted the sky background to approximate the dark blue sky seen during the eclipse.

"This comes as close as possible to what I actually saw during those two brief minutes of totality!" says Espenak. The image was featured in Sky & Telescope's Gallery section (December 1999, p. 144).A higher contrast version showing the Moon's dark face was chosen as the Astronomy Picture of the Day on 1999 September 15.

Previously, Espenak used the same digital techniques to produce a composite image of the Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 Feb 26. For more information, see 1998 Eclipse Composite Photo

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