Large Custom Prints of the
1999 Solar & 2000 Lunar Eclipses

1999 Awesome Corona

2000 Moon in Totality

Custom Eclipse Prints
Deluxe enlargements of the total solar eclipse of 1999 Aug 11 (left)
and the total lunar eclipse of 2000 Jan 20 (right) are available as custom 16" x 20" prints.
(Click on either image to see a larger photo)

Photograps (c)2000 by Fred Espenak

On August 11, 1999, the Sun was totally eclipsed by the Moon from Europe, Turkey and the Middle East.Five and a half months later (January 20, 2000), the Moon was totally eclipsed as it swung through Earth's shadow. Eclipse chaser Fred Espenak captured both of these awesome events on film and has produce two large 16" x 20" custom enlargements.

The solar eclipse print is a digital composite produced from 22 separate exposures. Espenak used Adobe Photoshop to enhance and combine all his images into one grand composite.Previously, Espenak used this process to create a photograph of the corona which closely matches its true appearance as seen by the naked eye. Additional details and deluxe prints of this photograph are available at Composite Photo of the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse.

Espenak has now produced a new version of this remarkable eclipse image. He used the processing power of Photoshop to reveal and greatly enhance coronal structure to create a truly eye-popping image. If you look closely, you can even see mare and other lunar features on the dark face of the Moon!

The total eclipse of 2000 Jan 20-21 was visible from all of North and South America (including the USA and Canada) as well as western Europe.Espenak has captured the essence of the event in a composite sequence of three images shot at the beginning, middle and end of totality.The series encompasses the 78 minute period while the Moon gracefully glided through dark umbral shadow of our planet.The deep red colors are due to the filtering and refracting effects of the Earth's atmosphere.

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Deluxe enlargements of these unique images are now available as custom 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" prints on Kodak Ultra III.This paper has incredible sharpness, brilliance, contrast and color. Under normal viewing conditions, it is rated for several decades with no perceptual fading. Please note that these deluxe prints DO NOT have any copyright notices or text on them which would mar their beauty!

Print sizes and prices:

Print Size Price Availability
11" x 14" $30 USD In Stock
16" x 20" $45 USD In Stock
20" x 24" $65 USD Special Order*
24" x 30" $90 USD Special Order*

*Special Orders require 2-3 extra weeks for delivery.

Shipping and handling:


For more than one print, add $1 ($2 Europe) for each additional print.
For rates to other countries, please contact MrEclipse.
Prints are usually in stock and available for immediate shipping
(except for Special Orders which require 2-3 extra weeks for delivery).


Cash or Check (US dollars) payable to "Fred Espenak".

All foreign (non-USA) checks require a $10 collection fee charged by our bank.
Sorry, no credit cards.

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1999 Awesome Corona Print (Order Form)

2000 Moon in Totality Print (Order Form)

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Order both the 1999 "Awesome Corona" and 2000 "Moon in Totality" prints and save 10%.
Imagine how great these prints would look together hanging on a wall in your home or office!

Get a pair of 11" x 14" prints for $50, two 16" x 20" prints for $70, two 20" x 24" prints for $110 or two 24" x 30" prints for $150.

Print Size Price
Set of two 11" x 14" prints $50 USD
Set of two 16" x 20" prints $70 USD
Set of two 20" x 24" prints $110 USD
Set of two 24" x 30" prints $150 USD

To Order:To order prints:

1999 & 2000 Eclipse Prints (Order Form)

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For special inscructions on the care and mounting of deluxe color prints, see:

Care of Deluxe Prints

For more information and volume discounts, contact: MrEclipse

All photographs are copyright by Fred Espenak.
Please contact him (at MrEclipse for all uses of these images
in print, web, video, CD and all other media.

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