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Wide Angle Eclipse
Eclipse Over the Dark Continent
As the total eclipse began, we were enveloped by the Moon's dark shadow.
The horizon glowed with twilight colors and Jupiter was visible just below and left of the eclipsed Sun.
Two thorn acacia trees are silhouetted during the three and a half minutes of mid-day darkness.
The image was featured in Sky & Telescope's Gallery section (September 2001).
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Reports on the Total Solar Eclipse of 2001 June 21

The total solar eclipse of 2001 June 21 attracted thousands of travelers to southern Africa where almost all experience cloud-free skies. The directory below provides links to what I believe are the most interesting and complete reports (and photographs) which document the eclipse from a number of locations. I do not claim this list to be exhaustive but rather a personal selection of favorite sites about the 2001 eclipse.Countries are listed from west to east in the order that the Moon's umbral shadow visited them.

Angola - Reports and Photographs

Zambia - Reports and Photographs

Zimbabwe - Reports and Photographs

Madagascar - Reports and Photographs

Chromosphere and Prominence
Just as totality began, the Sun's chromosphere could be seen along the Moon's limb.
A large naked eye prominence (far right) was an added bonus to the eclipse.
Total Solar Eclipse of 2001 Jun 21 (Chisamba, Zambia)

Media - Reports and Photographs

Spears travel 2001 Eclipse Expedition

The Spears Travel 2001 Eclipse Expedition brought 78 people to Zambia to witness the first total solar eclipse of the Millennium on 2001 June 21. I served as expedition leader while the role of tour director fell into the capable and experienced hands of Gary Spears. We enjoyed spectacular cloud-free views of totality from our own private field from Chisamba, Zambia. A special web page contains my complete expedition report and a small selection of eclipse photographs:

Espenak's 2001 Eclipse Report & Photos

2001 Total Eclipse Photos and Reports

2001 Total Eclipse Custom Prints

Solar Eclipse Photographs

Diamond Ring
Preparing for the Total Eclipse
Just before the total eclipse is complete, the last rays of sunlight peak out along the edge of the Moon.
This celestial "diamond" is set in a gossamer ring of light formed by the Sun's corona.
Total Solar Eclipse of 2001 Jun 21 (Chisamba, Zambia)
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