Report on the Leonid Meteor Storm of 2001

by Susan Stolovy (Ayers Rock, AUSTRALIA)

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Leonid Meteor Counts
Hal Light and Susan Stolovy made meteor counts during the 2001 Leonid Meteor Storm.
Great Leonid Meteor Storm of 2001 (Uluru, Australia)
Leonid Meteor Counts

Hal Light and I enjoyed a long and delightful night of Leonid watching near Ayers Rock, Australia during the early morning hours of 2001 Nov 19. We made some meteor counts as follows:

Total observed (by Hal) was 1076.
(I observed a total of 831, but I stopped counting after 190 minutes).

The peak rate occurred at 18:35 UT
(Hal counted 46 meteors in 3 minutes, corresponding to a rate of about 1 every 4 seconds!)

I've prepared a graph of Hal's counts converted to hourly rate (not correcting for airmass) which plot the time points at the midpoint of every time interval, which ranged from 2 minutes to 26 minutes. I took independent measurements which were consistent with Hal's, but I stopped earlier. Among these Leonids were about 20 very bright "fireballs" that left noticeable trails. Note that 1:30 AM (Nov. 19) local time = 16:00 UT (Nov. 28). The peak was predicted to be 17:24 UT, I believe, so our observed peak is a bit later.

The graph also includes 4 data points that I wrote down, shown as diamonds (I binned them in big chunks of time--just call me Lazy Susan). They agree very well with Hal's.

- Susan Stolovy (

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