2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse - Greatest Eclipse

Lunar eclipses always occur at Full Moon (see: Lunar Eclipses For Beginners). This image was shot three minutes before greatest eclipse when the magnitude reached a maximum value of 0.370.

Additional photos can be seen at: 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery.

Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 04

        Penumbral Eclipse Begins:     08:48:09 UT   (01:48:09 MST)        Partial Eclipse Begins:       09:59:53 UT   (02:59:53 MST)        Greatest Eclipse:             11:03:13 UT   (04:03:13 MST)        Partial Eclipse Ends:         12:06:30 UT   (05:06:30 MST)        Penumbral Eclipse Ends:       13:18:17 UT   (06:18:17 MST)

For more information on the eclipse, see: 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse (NASA).

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