2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse - Deep Penumbral Phase

Lunar eclipses always occur at Full Moon (see: Lunar Eclipses For Beginners). This image shows the Full Moon nine minutes before the partial eclipse begins. At this time, the Moon is in deep penumbral eclipse and the shading is quite apparent to the naked eye.

Additional photos can be seen at: 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery.

Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 04

        Penumbral Eclipse Begins:     08:48:09 UT   (01:48:09 MST)        Partial Eclipse Begins:       09:59:53 UT   (02:59:53 MST)        Greatest Eclipse:             11:03:13 UT   (04:03:13 MST)        Partial Eclipse Ends:         12:06:30 UT   (05:06:30 MST)        Penumbral Eclipse Ends:       13:18:17 UT   (06:18:17 MST)

For more information on the eclipse, see: 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse (NASA).

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