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1999 Diamond Ring
The 1999 Diamond Ring Effect
Ten to twenty seconds before totality, the solar corona emerges into view as a ring around the Moon.
The last brilliant rays of sunlight are seen as a dazzling jewel hanging along the eastern edge of the Moon.
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Reports on the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse of 1999 August 11 attracted countless travelers to Europe and the Middle East. Unfortunately, clouds interferred with many European locations, especially in England, France and Germany. Nevertheless, some folks were at the right place at the right time and managed to see totality even from these cloudy locales. The directory below provides links to many of the more interesting and complete reports (and photographs) which documenting the eclipse from a number of locations.

North Atlantic - Reports and Photographs

France - Reports and Photographs

Germany - Reports and Photographs

Austria - Reports and Photographs

Hungary - Reports and Photographs

Romania - Reports and Photographs

Bulgaria - Reports and Photographs

1999 Aug 11 Total Solar Eclipse
1999 Total Solar Eclipse
This sequence encompasses the entire eclipse from start to finish.
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Black Sea - Reports and Photographs

Turkey - Reports and Photographs

Iran - Reports and Photographs

Additional Reports and Photographs

Animation of 1999 Total Eclipse
A series of still images were combined into an animated movie of the eclipse.
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Willcox Memorial Eclipse Expedition

The Ken Willcox Memorial Eclipse Expedition brought 98 people to Turkey to witness the last total solar eclipse of the Millennium on 1999 August 11. I served as expedition leader while the role of tour director fell into the capable and experienced hands of Gary Spears (Spears Travel). We enjoyed spectacular cloud-free views of totality from our own private beach along the eastern shore of Lake Hazar in eastern Turkey. Below are a preliminary sample of eclipse photographs from Lake Hazar. A special web page contains my complete expedition report and a small selection of eclipse photographs:

Espenak's 1999 Eclipse Report & Photos

For more 1999 eclipse images, visit Fred Espenak's four photo galleries:
| A - Overview | B - Diamond Ring | C - Corona | D - Sequences |

1999 Eclipse Custom Prints

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