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Report on the Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 Aug 11

by Astrid Wiig (near Munich, Germany)

Observing from Germering, a suburb of Munich, Germany

The Eclipse was incredible and we were incredibly lucky. The first 40 minutes from the start of the moon moving in front of the sun the weather was totally clear. But then a massive cloud appeared that lasted a little too long.

We had taken position at a High School where they had made special preparations to follow the event. They announced over speakers that the total eclipse period had started (lasting 2 minutes 8 seconds) and there was still a short time before the cloud would pass. We experienced darkness and could see the stars in the large part of the sky that was clear. Everyone held their breath, and the last 10-15 seconds the cloud had moved out of the way for us to see the Sun through a very thin cloud layer.

There was a sigh of excitement through the gathered crowd of people, and we observed when the diamond become visible and turned into half a ring in a very few seconds, it vas incredible. At this time a huge part of the sky was clear, so we could feel the cold sunlight and the strange blue world of shadows during the first minutes after totality.

It had become Night in the middle of the day. We had been extremely lucky. Many had to be satisfied watching the eclipse on TV since zdf had taped the event from a plane above the cloud.

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