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The Solar Corona of 1999 Aug 11
The Solar Corona of 1999 Aug 11
This photo is a composite from 22 separate negatives.
They have been processed and combined in Adobe Photoshop
to closely resemble the naked eye appearance of the solar corona.
The image was featured in Sky & Telescope's Gallery section (December 1999, p.144)
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Report on the Total Solar Eclipse of 1999 Aug 11

by Fred Espenak (Lake Hazar, TURKEY)

The Ken Willcox Memorial Eclipse Expedition brought 98 people to Turkey to witness the last total solar eclipse of the Millennium on 1999 August 11. I served as expedition leader while the role of tour director fell into the capable and experienced hands of Gary Spears (Spears Travel). We enjoyed spectacular cloud-free views of totality from our own private beach along the eastern shore of Lake Hazar in eastern Turkey. Below are a preliminary sample of eclipse photographs from Lake Hazar.

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Espenak at Lake Hazar
Awaiting Totality at Lake Hazar
Fred Espenak anxiously awaits the start
of his 15th total eclipse of the Sun.
Photo ©1999 by Pat Totten

Composite Solar Corona
The Solar Corona of 1999 Aug 11
This photo is a composite from 22
separate negatives. They have been
processed and combined in Adobe
Photoshop to reveal subtle features
and structure in the solar corona.
Photo ©1999 by Fred Espenak
Astronomy Picture of the Day
1999 September 15

Promences at 2nd contact
Brilliant red prominences were seen along the Sun's eastern limb as totality began.

Espenak During Totality
Totality comes to Lake Hazar, Turkey
Fred Espenak and his telescopes are silhouetted against Lake Hazar
and the eerie twilight sky of totality. The entire eclipse is captured
in a sequence of images taken every five minutes.

Baily's Beads at 3rd contact
Baily's Beads at 3rd contact
A string of Baily's Beads appeared above a forrest of prominences
at 3rd contact, signaling the end of totality.

Totten's Trio
Totten's Trio of Totality
Pat Totten was determined to watch the eclipse and not get bogged down
with photography. She simply set her Nikon 6006 to auto-exposure mode
and squeezed the cable release while enjoying the view.

Gary Spears Afloat
Now THIS is how you watch an eclipse!
Tour director Gary Spears relaxes on his "observing platform" on Lake Hazar
as he begins planning our next expedition: Zambia/Zimbabwe 2001!

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