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Southern Milky Way

1996 Southern Skies Star Party

Copyright by Fred Espenak. All rights reserved.

In June of 1996, I attended the first annual Southern Skies Star Party organized by Ken Willcox. This event is held in Bolivia along the shores of Lake Titicaca (12,500 feet). At that elevation, the southern skies are fabulously dark. Our group of about 22 people stayed at the Inca Ultama Hotel which afforded a large protected area to set up our telescopes for the week.

A detailed description of the 1996 Southern Skies Star Party was written by Ken Willcox.

Below is a sampling of photographs I took through a range of lenses from 24mm to 500mm. Special thanks to Vic Winter for loaning me his 85mm and 180mm Nikkors!

All photos are ©1996 by Fred Espenak.

Photos of the 1996 Southern Skies Star Party

Astrophotophotography During the 1996 Southern Skies Star Party

For more photo's and information about the 1996 Southern Skies Star Party as well as many wonderful images of Bolivia, see Vic Winter's SSSP'96 Web Page.

The second Southern Skies Star Party was held in June 1997. Astrophotos are online at Espenak's SSSP'97 Photo Gallery.

For more information and photos, see Southern Skies Star Party.

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